Real Hackney Dave Screenprinting

Screenprinting With Dave Buonaguidi AKA Real Hackney Dave

We visited Dave Buonaguidi AKA Actual Hackney Dave in his Dalston studio where by he makes his notorious display-printed artworks making use of Screentec Aqua Artwork Drinking water-Centered Monitor Ink. Watch his approach under and uncover out why the Screentec Inks are so integral to his observe.


True Hackney Dave’s Screenprinting Approach



:00 Introduction

:33 Preparation

1:26 Pouring Fluorescent Pink Screentec Aqua Art H2o-Primarily based Display Ink from the Tub soon after Mixing Perfectly

1:37 Printing First Layer

1:43 Lifting the Display screen and Getting ready to Flood the Open Locations with Ink

2:19 Washing Screen and Squeegee

2:45 Stencilling Artwork with Newsprint Paper

03:47 Pouring the Next Colour- Fluorescent Crimson Screentec Aqua Art H2o-Based Display screen Ink

03:50 Printing Next Layer

04:33 Cleaning Squeegee

04:43 Cleaning Monitor

05:05 Stamping Artwork

05:30 Credits



Q & A with Authentic Hackney Dave about Using Screentec Inks in His Practice


How did you come to use Screentec Aqua Art Water-Based Screenprinting Ink?

Real Hackney Dave: I was doing work out of Print Club London and heading by the process of operating out my fashion, and was leaning toward fluorescent colours. I experienced experimented with all the a variety of straight colors but was not truly feeling it. I borrowed some Fluorescent Pink off another person and liked the translucent excellent but also the vibrancy, then I did what you have to do, just requested someone what the best one particular was! The fantastic matter about artists and studio dwellers is they generally look prepared to help and recommend. After my fellow artist instructed me about Screentec Aqua Artwork Drinking water-Based mostly Screenprinting Ink, I received in touch immediately and bish, bash, bosh, loads of charming fluorescent colours arrived and I’ve never ever appeared again.


Real Hackney Dave Screenprinting


Real Hackney Dave Screenprinting


What are the properties of the Screentec Ink that stand out in comparison to other screenprinting inks?

Authentic Hackney Dave: Screenprinting can be really scientific, too quite a few distinctive colors, way too quite a few distinctive processes and usually diverse colors behave in distinctive strategies and for me, that just helps make all the things way much too sophisticated. With Screentec Aqua Art Water-Based mostly Screen Inks, I like vivid colours and I definitely like the transparency to be capable to see by the color to what’s under when I print on to factors like maps and classic enjoy letters. It fits into my ‘universe’. I print on to things I obtain and use phrases to react and play with that subject matter matter, and the translucency assists that romantic relationship.


Screentec Screenprinting



Chat us through the colors in your collection of inks. What colors can you not do without?

Serious Hackney Dave: If I never have Fluorescent Pink or Fluorescent Purple I die. It is dramatic, but correct. I have loads and lots of other colors, but the key types I use are purple and pink. Any other color I can do devoid of, but not these two, they are like water and oxygen to me. Every single piece I create I decide it by stating to myself if I place this in a gallery with 200 other artists’ operate, how would folks know that this one particular is mine? Pink will help.




Do you experiment a whole lot with colour mixing, layering and so forth?

Actual Hackney Dave: Not actually, I’m a bit lazy like that. I used a ton of time getting what I’m not superior at and what I’m ok at, and also invested time building items that allowed me to sense cozy about what my “universe” is… the colors, the style, the identity, the fonts and many others. Now I know this, I have an place to participate in and experiment in, but I am also conscious that switching what I do will be jarring. So when I occur up with new thoughts, I make confident they however feel like a thing that I would do. It keeps the challenge factor of all artists beneath command and focussed. We all get bored also very easily and look for new items, and owning the willpower of a brand name universe keeps you truthful and also stops you accomplishing stuff that confuses folks.



Screenprinting Screentec


Do you have any prime ideas for working with the inks? Any doing the job methods you would like to share?

Genuine Hackney Dave: I use A Whole lot of fluorescent inks. I get 5 kilo pots I go by so much. The major point I have learned is that the ideal results are when the ink is not much too thick. I spray my stencil with a plastic plant waterer and wipe it down (specifically on warm times) to halt the ink drying in the stencil. This occasionally occurs when the ink is thick, so I include h2o to make certain it is a good consistency.

And relying on how you print and what you print onto, sometimes placing a layer of opaque white down initial really allows the color to pop. When I print onto maps, I really like currently being in a position to see the map by way of the ink, but at times it is superior to get 100% pink electrical power.


Real Hackney Dave Screenprinting


Real Hackney Dave Screenprinting


The Real Hackney Dave in His Own Words

I came to screenprinting pretty late in everyday living and have now become thoroughly possessed by it. Anytime that I’m not in the studio printing, you will find me trawling about auction web-sites and flea marketplaces looking for fascinating observed visuals and ephemera that I can try and print onto. In a previous existence, I used about 35 many years doing the job in advertising and marketing, so I print on to matters I discover and use the methods of mass communication and propaganda to build evocative pieces that join in an emotive and humorous way.

I function with uncovered images and materials, experimenting with the practice of screenprinting to force the boundaries of what it is and can be. I have printed on to copper plates, I have printed with pheromones, sprinkles, glitter and gold leaf. My get the job done aims to lead to a reaction in the viewer, the juxtaposition of familiar illustrations or photos with overlaid textual content or a smattering of controversy or the odd swear phrase to accentuate. I appreciate to use the techniques of mass interaction and promotion, pairing with observed imagery and objects and assertive text that problems the viewer.


Real Hackney Dave


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