Photo of Thomas "Detour" Evans

Expanding Your Skillset to Respond to Opportunities with Detour

I had heard Detour’s name around Denver, and I understood he experienced not too long ago created a e book for artists. You really don’t forget about the name of an artist who goes by Detour.

Immediately after the come across with the mural, I started viewing Detour’s name in more locations.

Probably it’s another mural, just about every bit as impactful as the just one I watched him paint. Or there’s an article. Or he pops up on the local information.

He’s everywhere you go. Not just Denver. He travels to communities all in excess of to paint murals, but he also performs on canvas, and in tunes, set up, and sculpture.

In this episode of The Art Biz, I chat with Detour to uncover how he does it all. By himself and without having an assistant.

We go over his several revenue streams—prints, murals, company sponsorships, and grants—and why he doesn’t want to be restricted by what he at this time knows. 

To that finish, he’s discovering how to use new systems that will help him land complicated possibilities necessitating new skillsets. He’s not fearful to find out that the ideal way to technique an artistic dilemma is something he has not completed before.

Detour is big on collaboration and presenting himself in the most experienced light-weight. He suggests, “You hardly ever know who is seeing.”

I really encourage you to listen intently to the thoughts he asks himself before agreeing to consider on new perform. Great stuff there.