Undivided Attention: River's Dream by Curran Hatleberg

Undivided Attention: River’s Dream by Curran Hatleberg

Concerning 2010 and 2020, photographer Curran Hatleberg took a series of outings as a result of the South, chiefly in eastern Texas, Louisiana, and northern Florida, meeting men and women and using pictures. In the meantime, the artist, who was born in Washington, DC, and his companion Cynthia Daignault, moved to her native Baltimore from Brooklyn and converted an industrial setting up in Remington to use as a studio. Early in 2020, Hatleberg and Daignault’s to start with child, River, was born and the concept for Hatleberg’s most up-to-date selection, River’s Aspiration, took condition.

At first look, River’s Desire is a nightmarish vision of the backwoods South. The 65 shade prints portray a planet remote from booming Southern cities such as Charlotte, Atlanta, or Jacksonville. Rarely any one in the reserve is doing work. Most industrial and business properties pictured are vacant.

The properties are modest, and several are possibly deserted or dilapidated. There are lots of autos, but most of them are in scrapyards. A young man sits in the driver’s seat of a new-looking sedan, a youthful female gentleman beside him. But he is only pretending to travel the automobile is experiencing a making. The shiny crimson vehicles and yellow turnout coats of 1st responders investigating an auto collision in a forlorn intersection make them appear like beings from an additional planet.