TV Nostalgia Comes to Underhill Walls

TV Nostalgia Comes to Underhill Walls

At the moment on check out at Underhill Walls in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn is a delightfully nostalgic journey down TV’s memory lane.  In the murals highlighted higher than, accolades are presented to The Sopranos by Paolo Tolentino, though Subway Doodle honors Battlestar Galactica. A number of a lot more photos from Underhill Walls‘ current iteration follow:

Multi-media artist Sage Gallon pays homage to “The Sonny and Cher Show” for its “talent and variety”

Painter and muralist Jessie Novik celebrates “I Enjoy Lucy”

Artist and arts educator Carnivorous Flora recreates “The Partridge Family” as “little folks with a bus rolling out the red carpet to Ukrainian refugees and welcoming them to NYC!”

Tattoo artist and designer DozenFingers Graphics celebrates the animated television series “Sonic the Hedgehog”

 Muralist and illustrator Miki Mu provides the ultimate touches to her playful ode to “Sesame Street”

Visible artist and poet Android Oi — in collaboration with painter and illustrator Melissa Schainker — celebrates “Mork & Mindy,” (with job coordinator Jeff Beler standing to his appropriate).

Launched and curated by Jeff Beler, Underhill Walls is a non-profit general public art installation situated at the corner of St. Johns Area and Underhill Avenue in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn,

Photos: Lois Stavsky

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