Tools for Improving Composition | Artists Network

Tools for Improving Composition | Artists Network


Mastering composition can be a problem. Nothing at all beats recurring work and intentional follow, but these resources can be a large support! Equipment like grids, proportional dividers, and the golden ratio, can help produce more powerful layouts in your perform, laying a groundwork from which you will uncover your possess approach to composition.

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Watch Catcher

A regular device for many artists, watch finders like this support to visualize compositions when functioning from dwell. Working with the slider, it helps artists in locating their chosen cropping of the matter

Fantastic for

Sketching and painting from life

Golden Ratio Finder

Use a finder like this to arrange topics in your operate in accordance to the Golden Ratio. The clear overlay can be made use of to observe the Golden Ratio in nature or in your operate as the composition is created.

Excellent for

Portray or sketching from everyday living.

Divided Viewfinder

Very easily find the center of your composition as effectively as other divisions in your subject to discover the “Rule of Thirds” with this viewfinder.

Excellent for

Making use of the “rule of thirds” to your composition

Drawing and far more

Proportional Divider

Proportional dividers make wonderful applications for composition, permitting for an simple comparison of various styles in a function. Regardless of whether working on representational or abstract get the job done, knowing the spatial interactions concerning varieties is significant and these tools make it easy!

Good for

All artists

Share your opinions under! If you use any of these equipment, inform us what you consider! What some others would you endorse?


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