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Toni Meneguzzo

Toni Meneguzzo (1949) is an internationally renowned photographer with a profession spanning over forty many years in the fields of vogue pictures and anthropological investigate. Above time he has made distinctive photographic methods that define his design and style, this sort of as the Polaroid grand structure (20 x 25), which has become his trademark and has subsequently been taken up by several other photographers. Meneguzzo continues to collaborate with internationally renowned manner publications of the calibre of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Queen, Arena, Marie Claire, New York Moments e cura importanti pubblicazioni con Condé Nast Team, New York Periods, Elle Decor, Home, D Repubblica e Corriere della Sera.

His function has been the topic of a lot of exhibitions and pubblications all around the planet. And most notably, his most significant functions in style and on the subject matter of the feminine nude ended up revealed in a series of photographic volumes by Treville Ebook (Seduzione,1991 Aure, 1993 Frammenti, 1993). Many thanks to his very long and amazing career in fashion, the photographer has succeeded in extending his aesthetic sensibility to a range of unique fields also realising projects with a robust anthropological written content.

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