Packing Pots | Carol Long | Episode 895

Packing Pots | Carol Long | Episode 895

Carol Very long | Episode 895

This episode is a tiny various from everything that we have accomplished in advance of. Carol Extended tends to make a ton of perform, sells a ton of do the job, and as a result ships a good deal of work. When Carol and I have been finished recording her episode (episode 894), we ongoing our dialogue. The emphasis of our dialogue was her shipping operate methods. Simply because her operate has so quite a few breakable elements, she has experienced to be pretty conscientious with her packing strategies. So we hit the file button once again and talked packing.

The butterfly platter is significant but the handles are fragile.   Stiff buffers are in spots that are not handles to maintain it away from the edges of the box.  Smooth padding is stuffed close to the handles.  Then double boxed.  20″x 20″x 12″ box. Expense $100ish to go to CT.  Too much $!

I should have taken it all aside and reboxed smaller.  Vowed to do far better subsequent time.


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The dragonfly platter was oriented in the box to relieve pressure on 2 handles but would need a greater box to accommodate the 3rd take care of. No!

-slice out aspect of box for 3rd manage.  Now it has to be taken care of in the 2nd box.  I wouldn’t suggest degrading the structural integrity of the box, but it worked for this 1.

-slice out space in stiff foam for 3rd deal with.  The foam has to be secured so it does not move.

 -voids filled.

-obvious packing tape on inside box. It is straightforward to use and doesn’t need considerably.

-new packing containers Uline

-foam is recycled.

-black bubble wrap about the pot is not recycled.  It’s gentle and easier to pop so it needs a few levels just in situation. Uline

-blue bubble wrap is recycled. Really stiff.  Not superior subsequent to the pot. Terrific for in between boxes.

fiber packing is Uline.  I’m striving to uncover superior packing resources.  It’s major and sends fiber into the air.  I like it but my fav is however bubble wrap.

-sealed with preprinted bolstered paper tape. Uline

-4″x 6″ label printed straight from what the customer has furnished on the website. bluetooth

-$40ish to Ga

-much better

The tall deer vase has handles that prolong together the sides.  The pot is weighty so the handles will need to be shielded from impact.

A piece of styrofoam within the pot that extends to the side of the box. That retains the top rated of the pot away from the box.  That is secured with other styrofoam to hold it from shifting facet to facet.

The foundation is secured from moving side to facet.

All voids are loaded to stop shifting.

Because the pot is so hefty it is double boxed with a several inches all all-around.

Voids loaded.


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