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About Daniel Paul

Daniel Paul was born in 1984 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. A graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Style in Prague in 2012, his utmost inspiration is shape, excess weight, luminosity, structure, reflection, and scent. Daniel is an artist aiming to discover the prospective of all the aspects above and discover its doable strategies slowly to its mastery. 

Hi Daniel. When have you recognized you wished to turn into an artist?

I have identified it considering that I was a compact boy. Then I grew to become fascinated with 3D printing as a device to carry a digital model into bodily reality. So these days, I build in digital space. Immediately after graduating, I worked in the amusement market, concentrating on classical craft and electronic technologies. A existence-transformative experience in 2019 led me to start off my independent job, Turbofolk sculptures, which expresses my notion of the existing entire world we all share, still some of us are destroying. 

Can you briefly explain your procedure and convey to us what drives you to make art?

My driving pressure is technological enhancement. So now, I produce the two in digital area and working with traditional strategies.

A lifestyle-transformative encounter in 2019 led me to get started my impartial undertaking, Turbofolk sculptures. With it, I may perhaps convey my perception of the latest entire world we all share, nevertheless some of us are destroying it. 

The realistic figural functions could seem to be summary, but every single tells a precise tale dependent on moral and moral dilemmas. They call for an ambiguous interpretation that relies upon on the viewer’s viewpoint, which can be volatile—much like mine.

Which artist generally conjures up your function? And is there one thing else, exterior visible arts, that retains you inspired?

David Altmejd and Xooang Choi are my favorite resource of inspiration as artists. To develop, I have to have to obtain room for the resourceful procedure to observe the altering earth around me.

How would you like folks to engage with your operate?

I want men and women to see my operate as a file of a precisely entertaining intellect process somewhat than a dogma. “Sometimes I experience from the feeling that people today have stopped valuing lifestyle, displaced demise, and even stopped appreciating the factors they make or take in. We abandon wisdom to satisfy our pride and toss ourselves in solitude in its place of mutual joy. At the expense of going through the existing, we have recourse to the idea of surviving in the foreseeable future.” 

Unfold the phrase! Do you have something enjoyable on the horizon?

The Turbofolk undertaking connects arts and ethical troubles mirrored in my artworks.

Daniel Paul
Black Lives Subject
Daniel Paul
His Holiness
Daniel Paul
At the time Upon A Teenager Age
Daniel Paul
Level Of Watch

Daniel Paul


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The figural sculpture assortment Turbofolk is a moralistic get in touch with to reflect on today’s customer-oriented earth. The exhibition portrays the social issues related with faith, gender, racism, ecology, and related subjects and opens queries such as utilizing electric power and the flexibility perception. It ironizes people’s relationship to fleeting issues and attracts interest to a simple fact of separation from profound life ordeals. 

The way to specific a supplied matter is constantly by a person and its corporeality. By working with the attribute symbols for each individual of the explained challenges, we get a man or woman as a typus, a generic representative of a individual pattern. We talk mindset and tactic to the world via the human system, its attributes, and positions. The bearer of the information is below sóma péxis, the body radiated by the soul, is missing. 

The last official perfection and artificiality of the sculpture are intentional. It depicts the body as a products. It requirements to be perfect for its purpose, any deviation from this notion is undesirable. Actual physical flawlessness has become a social norm. However, can these a conception of the system speak of attractiveness? 

Just as a sentence acquires indicating only just after knowing the relationships involving unique words, the sculpture of this selection reveals its information only when comprehending the made use of symbols employed in their associations. The sculptures are not an interpretation of distinct stories but a leitmotif of a given theme, in which numerous moral positions collide. The messages are multi-layered and require a cautious perception of the backlinks concerning the utilized aspects. 

The 3D printing method 

The artistic method brings together operate in a electronic ecosystem and common handcraft. The model produced in the virtual house of a computer system 3D plan transfers to fact through a device, while the other components these kinds of as puttying, grinding, and portray abide by a manual method.

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