Book Review: Stonehouse’s Anatomy by Jeonghyun Seok

Jeonghyun Seok (or Seok Jung Hyun) is a South Korean illustrator with credentials and achievements much too very long for me to list. Stonehouse’s Anatomy is a 660-site thick softcover anatomy tutorial reserve authored by him and printed by Superani.

This guide was initially printed in 2017 in Korean and the English translated edition arrived out in 2020. The rate of this e-book is US $80 not inclusive of transport. Listed here in Singapore it truly is bought for SGD 129 at Basheer Graphic Guides. There is certainly also a Chinese version.

Jeonghyun Seok has labored 9 decades on this book and built approximately 1500 illustrations. The volume of element shown is outstanding so it’s easy to realize why it took so lengthy to develop this e book.

This e book is comprehensive and covers the human anatomy from major to bottom. That incorporates the head and facial attributes, facial expressions, system and pieces, bones and muscles, gestures, overall body language and motion. The anatomy drawings are practical and the comic drawings are stylised like Japanese or Korean manga.

The illustrations are accompanied by text outlining anatomy and how they do the job. You’ll get to understand how bone protrusions and cavities perform alongside one another, distinction muscle mass shapes and how they get the job done, why the legs of canines are bent, how rig cage moves all through CPR and much more. The text is prepared in a conversational and engaging manner with some humor. I am not sure how precise the translation is however but there are some typos.

When this reserve came out, there was some controversy simply because people claimed the e-book has components of sexism, misogyny, racism, bigotry and generalisation. Under are some of the internet pages highlighted by other testimonials. Simply click for a larger sized check out.

Site 32 has a drawing of a small and stout Eskimo in classic Eskimo clothing with a spear in hand, and beside is a slender black hunter form wearing some type of underwear and has a spear in hand.

On webpage 75 and 81, creator stated Asian eyes are lesser, and that Westerners get pleasure from eye make contact with throughout discussions even though Asian sense not comfortable.

On web site 93 and 94, you will find rationalization for why nose size vary for folks from distinctive continents.

Internet pages 340 and 341 exhibits how arm movements can make a single seem much more female or masculine.

Internet pages 482 and 483 chat about facial attributes and system forms that are regarded attractive.

What is my consider?

Just because a caricature is drawn does not suggest the creator implied that sure teams of people can only glimpse and behave that way. Just simply because you will find point out that Asians have compact eyes does not indicate all Asians have modest eyes. Do ladies in serious environment operate all over with arms tucked in (page 341) like in anime or manga? No. People have differences in race, color, entire body sort, system styles, facial features, habits and the way they speak. I imagine men and women are looking through far too significantly into negative meanings that are not intended to be there.

The writer clarifies how figures can be drawn to look extra masculine, heroic, attractive, girly, etcetera and that is his consider with his inventive license for whichever aesthetic reasons. You you should not have to attract your character the way the author attracts his. Whether or not you see a character as an archetype or stereotype is your selection. You can just draw our human figures with practical proportions like the numerous featured in the e book.

Perhaps the creator should have a footnote for the woke crowd expressing not all persons seem like the caricatures drawn.

The additional problematic locations are views blended with info. And which is why it truly is fantastic to browse extra widely so that you can differentiate points from thoughts.

To conclude, this is a terrific anatomy book for artists. It’s costly but worth the cash thinking of the quantity of content you get.

If you discover this e book offensive, wait around until you see what’s in Kim Jung Gi’s sketchbooks, also from the same publisher.

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