A Photographer's Take on Christmas Cards

A Photographer’s Take on Christmas Cards

As we age, the holidays get a lot more and far more sophisticated. And when you get the job done with artists, our collective traditions develop into even far more elaborate, for the reason that it is literally an artist’s occupation to adjust the way we believe and sense, particularly topics loaded with indicating.

No matter whether you celebrate Xmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, the Wintertime Solstice, none, or a mixture of all, there is an simple energy all over the holiday seasons that motivates us to act in approaches that deviate from our standard program. No matter if it’s getting time off, listening to corny songs, building an yearly pilgrimage to a specified web-site, viewing with relatives, or decorating the exterior of your household with an array of blinking lights, the subsequent 7 days is a time to timetable and believe a tiny in a different way. 

Saskia Kahn is a lens-based artist whose operate has been instrumental and transformative at BmoreArt, primarily in recognizing the significance of situations and performances. There’s a sensitivity and clarity in every of her pics and, beyond her ability to capture a beautiful composition or a fleeting glimpse of mild, this photographer conveys a palpable feeling of regard for her subjects in each and every photo.

Just after we uncovered that Kahn has, for quite a few a long time, been making once-a-year photographic holiday getaway “postcard” photographs we were dying to see them! We were thrilled that she was inclined to share them with us, and our readers, and we took a instant to communicate her to discover out much more about the evolution of this self-styled getaway tradition.


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